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world music from the netherlands

Ritmundo Foundation has compiled the CD Dutch Delta Sounds for Songlines Magazine, containing a selection of the current world music scene The  Netherlands.
'The Rhine is to the Netherlands what the Mississippi is to New Orleans. In these ‘nether-lands’ – the delta of Western Europe – multiple streams of cultural influences have both come down the river and in from the sea. They flowed in from Eastern and Southern Europe, and since the 17th century from the Netherlands’ maritime links with Africa, Asia and the Americas. This legacy and open attitude still colours the contemporary Dutch music world, resulting in a wide variety of new hybrids. On this compilation you will find crossovers between jazz and pop with music from the Balkans, Suriname, Indonesia and Morocco; but also from the Dutch Caribbean, Turkey and Portugal. In short, Dutch Delta Sounds!'  view tracklist

The CD Dutch Detla sounds is available with:  Songlines, issue # 78 Aug/Sept 2011.

Listen to Dutch Delta Sounds on Radio 6 Dutch Public Broadcasting Company  

Songlines-advertorial on Dutch Delta Sounds (pdf)

article 'tulips & tangos' on dutch delta sounds 

In Songlines #78:
‘The Netherlands are known worldwide for its windmills and techno DJs but what makes its music world spin? Dutch popular music offers a delta full of crossovers, especially with styles originating from former colonies. Stan Rijven tiptoes through the past and present. Read the full article in  Songlines #78.




tulips & tangos – article in Songlines (Aug/Sept 2011) (pdf)


Tracklist Dutch Delta Sounds:

 1. NO blues, Wayack
album Hela Hela on CRS (CECD37)
P+© 2010 Continental Record Services, NO blues


2. Mdungu, Rio Nights
album Afro What!? on Zimbraz / Music & Words (MWCD3035)
p 2009 Mdungu © 2009 Music & Words / Blue Kapibara


 3. Baraná Trio, Bülbül-ü Seyda
album Gül ve Bülbül on Loplop Productions (Llr-023)
p+© 2007 Lop Lop Productions, Steven Kamperman & Behsat Üvez

 4. Kasba, Salama
album Darna on LC Music (KA02)
P+© 2009 Kasba Foundation

 5. Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Marusja
album Katla on Essay Recordings (AYCD28)
P+© 2011 Essay Recordings

  6. Minyeshu, Selam Lehtsanat
album Dire Dawa on Me and My Other Records (MMOCD2003)
p+© 2008 Me and My Other Records

  7. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex, Sethed seketelat
album Moa Anbessa on Terp Records (Terp AS-11)
p+© 2006 Terp Records

 8. Izaline Calister, Mi Pais
album Speransa on Brigadoon/ Flow Records (BIS117)
p Stichting Stroom, © 2009 Brigadoon/ Flow Records


  9. Oswin Chin Behilia
Den Bo Kushina
album Liber on Otrabanda (OTB 010)
p+© 2009 Otrabanda Records & Music

 10. Carel Kraayenhof & su Sexteto Canyengue , Suite Compasión III ¡Fuerza!
album Compassion on Canyengue Music (BD200910-1)
p+© 2009 Canyengue Music, Carel Kraayenhof

 11. Maria de Fátima, Aforma de querer e ser amada
album Live on Right Notes (RN1001)
p+© 2010 Right Notes


 12. Julya Lo’ko & Erwin van Ligten, Tembang Pahlawan
album: Kroncong Baru on Little Wing (004)
p+© Little Wing 2010

 13. Raj Mohan, Kantráki
album Kantráki, Contract Labourer on Pan Records (PAN213)
p+© 2006 Parallax, Raj Mohan

  14. Boi Akih
single MCP on BROMO (002)
p+© 2011 BROMO

 15. STriCat , Romanian Strut
album Jab on Karnatic Lab Records (KLR018)
p+© 2009 Karnatic Lab Records



 16. Combinatie XVI, Libi nanga Asege
album Ten na Ten, Yu na wan Bigi Uma on CXVI
Ip+© 2011 CXVI


 17. Arifa, Sun Dance
album Beyond Babylon on Mundus Productions (Mundus 2010777)
P+© 2010 Music & Words, Mundus Productions


18. Fra Fra Sound, Guess What?
album Black Dutch & More on Pramisi Records (PRA CD 201006)
p+© 2010 Samponé/ Pramisi Records

Dutch Delta Sounds is gerealiseerd met financiële bijdragen van Buma Cultuur, Muziek Centrum Nederland en
de Nederlandse Ambassade in Londen.

 Dutch Delta Sounds – concept & compilatie © 2011 Ritmundo: 

samenstelling Stan Rijven | management Sonja Heimann 

mastering Niels Brouwer | vertaling Scott Rollins | design Studio Ron van Roon www.ronvanroon.nl