pop views

2009 – 2010 Series about pop history with music clips and commentary in Filmhuis Kriterion Amsterdam in collaboration with Fenno Werkman, presentation Stan Rijven.
Fall of the Wall and the Iron Curtain
Dreaming of a Black Xmas
40 years of The Beatles in Clips
Cult, Bizarre & One Hit Wonders
Going Back to My Roots: Africa 50 years of independence, a half century of Afropop 

balkan revolutia!

Eastern European  heartbeats and musical crossovers
The fall of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain heralded not only political, but cultural changes as well: when it comes to music, traffic across the old border has intensified greatly over the past twenty years.

On Saturday 7 November Balkan Revolutia! provided the first musical overview of what has taken place and flourished since the wall fell, behind the dykes here in Holland. The Milky Way is the venue for the first ‘state of the art’ presentation of this vital Eastern European underground scene in the Netherlands.
More than 50 musicians from both Eastern European and the Netherlands will be performing in various line-ups. In one fell swoop they will offer visible and audible proof of how the musical borders between East and West have merged. The programme offers a journey along the Siberian and Balkan avant-garde via Vodka beats,
Russian electro pop and vaudeville, to gypsy, klezmer and the Dutch answer to
Voix Mystères.
With :
Amsterdam Klezmer Band stirring klezmer and Balkan
Ayarkhaan breathtaking avant-garde mouth harp phenomenon from Siberia
Marynka & The Flowers Russian electro pop and  vaudeville
Moskow Diskow – Disco a la Russe and Vodka beats
Nihad Hrustanbegovic – Bosnian accordionist
OMFO – Eastern European  electro pop
Romanian street musicians
Slavuj – The Dutch ‘Voix Mystères’
StriCat- Dutch avant-garde Balkan trio
Vasile Nedea – Romanian cimbalom player and accordionist
VeDaKi – with Russian-Senegalese-Dutch improvisation
This evening is brought to you in collaboration with the Milky Way and is part of the festival die Wende.

beyond magazine

2007-2008 Beyond Grenzenloos Muziekmagazine – in collaboration with Uitgeverij Keijzer 18.